Female Acne: What you Need to Know

Statistics show that women are more likely to be affected by acne compared to men. Did you know that most women, even in their forties, experience some form of acne every now and then? It is interesting that men are affected differently with acne compared to women. Male acne usually tend to be more serious while female acne on the other hand is somewhat random and is usually part of their lives. As women age however, their acne condition starts to get better but by that, it means still experiencing occasional bumps now and then. Check out some proactive plus reviews now.

Basically there are three phases were women are more prone to acne. The first one is puberty. Both men and women are often affected by acne during their teenage years. This is primarily due to the increased androgen levels in the blood stream. Androgens can cause your sebaceous glands to go overdrive. These sebaceous glands are responsible for the production of sebum, an oily substance that in regular amounts can keep your pores clean and at the same time protect you from skin damage. Sebum, when they reach the opening of your pores, creates a protective layer called the lipid barrier. The lipid barrier is a fancy term for a thin film of oil that covers your skin. This layer helps your skin to lock in the moisture and to prevent skin dryness. When there is too much oil produced, it clogs your pores. When oil is trapped with the acne causing bacteria, it creates an inflammatory response and this causes acne.

Aside from puberty, there are other phases where the hormones of women can go berserk and cause havoc to your skin. One perfect example is pregnancy. A lot of pregnant women have to battle with acne. The same thing happens when you get pregnant. The hormone levels fluctuate causing the over production of sebum. The problem with acne during pregnancy is that most often than not it is very hard to treat. A lot of acne products are not safe to use because these treatments can cause side effects to the unborn fetus.

Have you ever noticed that women usually get acne breakouts a week before their menstrual period? Yes, you got that right. Women are prone to acne because of their menstrual cycle. For others, this may mean an occasional bump but for others, it may mean that their face will be covered with raging acne.